“Benefits of Business in Qatar”

Qatar National Vision

As a result of its expansion, Qatar launched the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV) back in 2008. Designed to transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development by 2030, this national vision created development goals based around four central pillars.

Human Development: Understanding the need to foster a healthy and capable workforce, the QNV prioritises improved education, healthcare, cultural awareness and employment opportunities for locals.

Social Development: Building on this, the QNV looks to promote social development by introducing social programs that create a sense of community, promote sports as a physical activity, and foster cultural heritage and family cohesion.

Economic Development: The QNV also aims to ensure the efficient management of the national economy, by taking a responsible approach to managing its natural resources, while working to develop a knowledge-based economy.

Environmental Development: With a rapidly growing population comes various challenges, such as increased air pollution and damage to natural habitats. The QNV looks to address this with its adoption of more advanced technology, and by promoting sustainable urban growth and environmental awareness.